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How Laurie can help

When and Where to Hire an Independent Consultant

Laurie Kiguchi, college and career advisor at LK Educational Consulting in Santa Cruz, CA, offers a range of services to help students through the entire college planning process, and with career planning for high school students, college students, college graduates, and adults. Her approach is to provide guidance throughout the process, from freshman to senior year and beyond, at a level tailored to the needs of each student and family. Because she wants to encourage and honor the student's engagement in the process as well as accommodate family abilities and constraints, Laurie does not package her services but allows each family to choose the level of assistance they need.

College preparation and planning

The college list - applying, choosing, and transitioning

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Laurie wants to help you as much as you need

Through the process

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Each stage of the college planning process carries different priorities. Laurie recognizes that each student's situation is different, and she offers customized guidance while also providing an overview of the process. While academic preparation is first and foremost, extracurricular and career exploration activities are also important. By far the most critical theme, however, is the student developing self-understanding and building critical life skills in the personal, social, and "real life" realms. For success in college, developing grit, a positive mindset, effective behaviors, and a strong support system is key.

Laurie guides students through the process, helping them to learn what's needed, do what's needed, and follow through with what's needed to apply. Whether a student applies only to California State Universities or to an array of private and public institutions with many required essays, letters of recommendation, coach outreach, supplemental talent submissions, and merit scholarship opportunities, an experienced and organized advisor can help.


Transitioning to college can bring both excitement and uncertainty. Laurie can guide both students and parents at this stage, allaying concerns and laying groundwork for success in college and in life.

Career planning

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Planning for a career, whether as a high school student, college student, or no-longer-a-student, can range from exciting to nerve-racking. Understanding one's values, interests, personality, temperament, and practical requirements is important to finding a path to a happy and fulfilling career. Laurie works with clients to understand themselves and to identify career possibilities, explore careers, and to develop a path to prepare for a career.

Eart in hands
Future possibilities

Laurie's approach is to make the process effective and productive
as well as fun and enjoyable for all (parents included!).
While it does require work, it's work toward a future of possibilities and opportunities!

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