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Freshmen and sophomores!

Wondering if you should be doing something to plan for college?

Wondering what you can be doing to plan for college?

Wondering what you should be doing to plan for college?

It's great you are thinking about the future! There is a lot you can explore and learn about yourself and college, while still enjoying your early high school years and staying calm.

Getting started

The emphasis at this stage is on academics, extracurriculars, and developing an understanding of the college planning process and college options. Guidance focuses on curriculum, success in the classroom, and exploring both academic and extracurricular interests through extracurricular and summer activities.

Students are encouraged to build on their interests to explore them more deeply - increasing their responsibility, leadership, and giving back to the community.

Initial college admissions testing starts in sophomore year. College exploration begins, in line with the student's interest and readiness.

Families can get a head start on understanding college affordability.

Frequent meetings are not typically necessary for freshmen and sophomores unless the student is seriously pursuing college athletics at the varsity level. Otherwise, a few meetings spread throughout the year serve to guide students on their paths.

Next steps

For juniors and seniors

For transfer students

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