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A lifelong learner, Laurie Kiguchi values education for herself as well as her students. She actively pursues her interest in educational counseling, higher education issues, and college exploration. Below are examples of items coming across her desk.

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What's new in higher education and career planning?

Sweeping Changes to SAT and ACT Accommodations
Jed Applerouth provides an overview of the changes in the accommodations approval process for college admissions testing

College Reality Check – an interactive tool to compare college costs across institutions
By the Chronicle of Higher Ed and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

How to Choose a College
Marty O'Connell, Executive Director of Colleges That Change Lives, discussed "How to Choose a College" on Get Connected with Nina Del Rio on 106.7 Lite-FM, New York's Sunday morning Public Affairs Show. Topics covered the college search and application process and include advice about how to choose a college without having a major in mind and questions to ask to find the best college fit.

What is College Good for? (Hint: More Than Just a Job)
By Charles Dorn, Professor of Education and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Bowdoin College

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education
By James Engell, Gurney Professor of English and Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University

Why is choosing a college major so fraught with anxiety?

Who’s No. 1? As College Rankings Proliferate, It Depends

Advice From a Dean of Admissions on Selecting High School Courses

Beyond Study Abroad at the University of Pennsylvania

Let's Bring Clarity to Undergraduate Admissions

Tip Sheet: A Family's Lessons From the College Tour and related articles

Ditching Boys — Why Attending a Women's College is a Great Idea

In Choosing a Job, Don't Ask "What Are You Good At?" Ask Instead "What are You Willing to Get Good At?"

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