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Looking for guidance on college preparation and planning?

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Wondering what classes to take?

... how to choose a major?

... how to play sports in college?

... how to know if engineering is right for you?

... how to find the right college or university?

... how to apply to graduate or professional schools?

Need help finding and preparing for a career?

Laurie can help you.

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Laurie Kiguchi

Educational Consultant - College and Career Advisor

LK Educational Consulting in Santa Cruz, California

Laurie Kiguchi, M.A., an experienced educational counselor, provides college and career advising at LK Educational Consulting. Laurie guides students and families through the processes of college and career planning. She strives to support and encourage students to reach for their goals and reduce stress! With thousands of college options, it's a question of finding a good college fit, not just a question of "Will I get in?"

Laurie tailors her services to meet each client's specific needs. As an independent college advisor, she advises on academic plans and programs, extracurricular activities, identifying student interests, searching for colleges, exploring possibilities to play sports in college, portraying one's self in a college application, and preparing for careers. Laurie offers guidance ranging from one meeting to make sure you are on the right track to a series of meetings from start to finish of the process.

Finding a good fit and being prepared are keys to attaining one's goals and enjoying life along the way.

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Fordham University
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University of Montana

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